Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNN fails again on Republican debate coverage

CNN "news" network blew it again. No surprise. But it makes the coverage of the presidential candidate debates nothing more than a fun media event and create more doubt in the election process itself.

Anderson Cooper, who appeared to be in charge, at the end called it a "remarkable evening has just taken place." Remarkable? Reprehensible would be a better word for it.

It was obvious in the first five minutes that the entire debate was going to be skewed toward the two media favorites, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

So, what we had in effect again,as has happened in all but two so-called "debates," was a pre-planned slant to promote the media picks.

Unfortunately for many, it remains the old adage that the power of television is used easily to persuade -- and dupe -- its viewers and trying to create authenticity to the network's slant.

Too bad we can't get a straight shake from the media. Too bad a reporter for a member of the print media, the Los Angeles Times, took part in such a slant.

Good going, news media. Good job making the news instead of trying to report and investigate it.

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