Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The news media tries to select your candidates

As this is being written, another debate is under way on the MSNBC "news" network between the "top three" Democratic candidates, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Take notice we said the "top three."

Here is another example of how the large corporate-owned "news" media try shove their choices of candidates down your throat and tell you that you like it and they know what is best for you.

This is the "news" media that has been constantly spoon-fed lies and inuendo and pass it on to us as truth ... until it became so evident to us that they are not doing their job: To question everything, verify, and know the true sources of the information.

A true and fair debate would include all candidates who are still running for nomination for President of the United States, despite their current popularity ratings.

A good example of unexpected jumps in popularity is John McCain. The "news" media declared him dead and were ready to bury him when voters in one state primary resurrected him.

The "news" media will use all sorts of excuses for their actions: Giving the "top potential" winners more time to explain their views on the issues, as an example.

But here we are, in the first phase of questions by Brian Williams and Tim Russert, and the media "news" anchors are focusing on race statements and actions of their staffs instead of focusing on the actual issues confronting this country. In fact, the three candidates on stage had to remind them that they are there to discuss the issues.

Williams' questions were more wordy than the answers in some cases. And 20 minutes into this show, the candidates were still being asked questions about how they acted and what they regret saying. So sad.

And, here we go again, specific questions to specific candidates. Questions to prod a candidate into making mistakes. This was not a debate. It's a dog and pony show to increase the stature of "news" anchors.

A true debate is one where candidates have the same question and air their presentation in equal time for a true picture of these candidates's positions.

NBC "News" once again has failed miserably to serve us truthfully and fairly.

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