Monday, January 14, 2008

Property tax bills start moving in state House

You probably haven't heard much about it in the media ... and you probably won't until the very last minute ... but some of the school property tax proposals are starting to move through and out of committees in the Pa. House of Representatives.

Well, that is except for the one that REALLY would be the answer.

Here's what is starting to see movement:

House Bill 1600: A worthless bill authored by Levdansky and Scavello that would raise the sales tax and state income tax to finance a rebate of approximately $414. Greedy little bastards, these politicians.

House Bill 1489: This is a bill authored by blowhole William DeWeese, a bill which some refer to as the "HB 1600 Lite." It does not raise the state income tax, but it does raise the sales tax by 0.5 percent to finance a small homestead rebate of about $205. This is the bill Gov. Rendell would like to see approved. Greedy little bastards, aren't they?

Also House Bill 93: This one provides special tax provisions for first-class cities ONLY, forgiving or refunding property tax liability for certain low-income, disabled, or senior citizens. Greedy little bastards don't care about low income, disabled or senior citizens in the rest of the commonwealth.

But here's the one that really means something: House Bill 1275, also known as the "School Property Tax Elimination Act." It has been stonewalled and isn't even scheduled to be reported out of committee.

It's the only one that eventually eliminates the unfair, immoral property tax.

"This is an absolute travesty that is fueled purely by the political motives of the House majority leadership," said Warren Bulette. "This cowardly manuever will not allow a straight up or down vote on House Bill 1275 and will, again, deny true property tax reform to Pennsylvanians."

Now, I for one have e-mailed my state representative and, under no uncertain terms, expressed my dismay at what is happening and I will watch how he votes. I feel that this issue alone is worth 95 percent of my consideration of whether to vote for or against him in the next election.

Speaking of elections, amidst all the news media's horse-race, prime-time idiot coverage of elections for this year, let's not forget that, here in Pennsylvania, the next batch of legislators who participated in the pay raise scandal that had us so upset at the last election, will be on the ballot this time around.

And the property tax issue should just fuel more of that fire.

Contact your legislator quickly and express your opinion. These power-hungry and greedy politicians have got to come to terms with the fact that they are to be representing us, not themselves. The only way to do that is make your voice heard on the issues and, finally, at the ballot box.

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