Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fairness isn't a rule with York Sunday News or AP

It didn't come as a surprise when a question of fairness arose in the Feb. 3, '08 edition of The York Sunday News. But, it was a surprise to see that the blame for this opinion piece lies on the Associated Press. However, shame on the York Sunday News for not questioning -- or at least not mentioning they questioned -- the Associated Press on the fairness of its political analysis piece on the presidential nominee candidates (Pages 1A and 6A).

And the analysis piece's accompanying comparison chart wasn't completely accurate either. And it definitely wasn't fair.

First, on the chart's accuracy. At quick glance, AP's explanation of Hillary Clinton's Iraq stance is not right. It says she doesn't have a timetable. Truthfully, she has a plan that would rid Iraq of almost all our troops before a year, and probably sooner than that, she has stated.

Now, on to the fairness.

A responsible print news media (electronic and television media never give you all the facts) would present you with all the facts of an issue or event. To eliminate any, no matter how "fair" the editors or writers may want to be, they have exercised bias and prejudice and prevented you, the reader -- who is paying top dollar to buy the newspaper -- from being able to come to an honest, truthful conclusion or decision based on what you read.

One look at the chart of "all" the candidates' stands on the issues should eliminate it from your consideration. It lacks the stands of at least one candidate who is still in the race -- Ron Paul.

It does not matter that he may be drawing only 3 percent to 5 percent of the vote. The facts is, he is still in the race and still on the ballots. Therefore, he should have been part of the comparison.

The fact that Paul is NOT on the list is the same as the Associated Press and York Sunday News telling you not to bother with Paul. Write Paul off. Paul isn't worth your consideration. So, from informative display to telling you to ignore someone is a far, far stretch for a fair news media to go. But they did it.

Nationally, the Associated Press locally, the York Sunday News owe you an apology for displaying such a skewed "informative" piece.

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