Friday, February 8, 2008

With attacks on each other, could the news channels implode?

The news channels -- such as Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, have jumped into the election politics much, much deeper than they ever had in earlier election cycles. So much so, it is almost consuming them inside out.

Teasing promos that sound like a promotion for a soap opera, repeating the opinions over and over and over again. The hype is overwhelming. It's a bet that, by the time the real election rolls around the voters are going to be tuned out.

The frenzy is so bad already that the channels have turned on each other. Bill O'Reilly, a blowhole I'd rather never mention, took on NBC Thursday evening in his telecast, talking about how NBC News has slanted its coverage to promote Barack Obama above everyone else -- and then proceeded to give verbatim examples from some of the NBC celebrities.

(Notice I said celebrities. Have the networks ever posted the true credentials of their so-called "experts" for us to judge as to whether we really should listen to what they say or take it with a grain of salt?)

Not to be undone, in the same evening -- actually within the same hour -- MSNBC celebrity Keith Oberman took Fox News to task ... of course using Kindergarten name calling of the network, referring to it as "Fix News" and "Fox Noise". And, to expand the universe of self- destruction, Oberman then calls Lou Dobbs, a CNN celebrity, "the worst person in the world" for the night.

Any news organization that must remind you every five minutes it is "fair and balanced" certainly is not, but it is trying to make you think it is. It's a form of brain-washing.

This could really be funny, watching these news "giants" fight among themselves and eventually destroy everyone's credibility in the process. They eventually will destroy each other in the eyes of the viewers.

But funny it is not. For eventually, finally, viewers may come to the sad realization that they have been duped by hype from the "opiate of the masses," the giant electronic whiz-screen, for years, and were led to the voting booths after being casually, slowly, smoothly brain-washed by "celebrities" who called themselves experts and who were merely conveying the wishes of a few giant, behind-the-scenes corporations that have one sole purpose of being in the media -- to preserve their niche of financial security at the expense of everyone else.

My friends, don't believe anything the media moguls and their anchor personalities convey to you until you verify the source of their information (which will more-than-likely remove the weight the information originally carried) or the purpose for which it was disseminated.

They all have an agenda. Believe me, informing you with the truth is not part of it.

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