Monday, April 21, 2008

And we are to believe the media "pretty boys?"

We all know how much Fox News Channel lies ... But they keep trying to drill it into your heads... You know the slogan. "Fair and Balanced." At Fox there is no such thing.

And now here comes CNN with their constant repetition of "The best election news team in television."

Well, they're closer to the truth. They might be, or might have, the best election news team in television, but that's in television. They are nowhere near being the best election news team overall. That just shows you how low television news is.

And take a look at this photo! Taken at a recent Hillary Clinton campgin stop in Pennsylvania, over by the huddle of the television cameras is this newscaster. Well, let's see, the rally is behind him. He's facing the door of a banl building to see a reflection of himself as he applies makeup to his face -- yep, that's the pad of makeup in his hand.

And we are expected to put our faith and trust in these egomaniacal narcissists???? Oh my God.

Now, the Pennsylvania primary is about to come down. The vote is tomorrow. And what do these kind of people do? They call themselves experts and analysts and then try to forecast what is going to happen. It's like the TV media is trying to plant the idea in the ehads of its viewers to swing the vote the way they feel it will go.

That's your television news media for you. No such thing as fair, balanced, or even the best. Far from it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where have the cable news networks gone?

I am getting both a kick and depressed at the same time over the changes cable "news" networks have undergone in the last couple of years.

If you want to report the news, then report the news as news. CNN used to do that pretty good years ago. But then something went awry. Somebody else bought the company and things have not been news since.

One thing you have to give credit to newspapers -- at least the responsible papers. They present the news without fear or favor, bias or prejudice, and let you draw your own opinions and conclusions. When they print opinions, they are labeled opinions or editorials and "op-ed." When they print an analysis, it is labeled as an analysis. There is no hiding the slant behind the veil of the term "news." You know where they are coming from.

But what you have in television "news" now, is nothing but slant and bias. Even when the news networks -- even the news departments of the public networks -- present the news, it is slanted by the comments of the anchor people and/or the correspondents and the so-called experts they present to you.

But look at prime time on the news networks. It isn't news. It is comedy. "Countdown With Keith Olderman," as example, is nothing but slant, bias and poking fun at issues of the day -- only it's done with the purpose of convincing you to see a certain point of view. And it's not labeled as opinion. Or comedy. Or analysis. It is entertainment with the purpose of changing your opinions. It is presented as news. Who do they have hosting the show? A has-been sports commentator who has a sarcastic slant on things. Granted, Olderman is sharp-witted. But he is also dim-witted. And we all know you can stretch and twist the truth and poke fun at sports events, because sports itself isn't real news.

"Countdown" is just one example. Every network has the series of "commentators" and they are all despicable. You have Nancy Grace on Headline News that even caused the suicide of a person she verbally attacked on her show. And then there is CNN's Glenn Beck spewing his opinions, the MSNBC program "Hardball" with a autistic screaming idiot Chris Matthews as commentator, or "Verdict" with Dan Abrams who thinks he is old and smart ebough to be able to pass judgment on everybody else while looking like a snot-licking little brat that only wants to stir up trouble. And, of course, there is Fox's Bill O'Reilly, the vilest person of them all. Despicable. Hateful.

And all these shows have their favorite "experts," who are experts in their fields, which are narrow fields. You can present an expert from one field of view and ignore the experts of opposing fields of view and try to present them as experts of the overall opinion. It is just happy bull shit.

All to get ratings. Which means their company gets more money for commercials. That's all. It's not about fairness or real dedication to presenting the news.

They are pandering to you and me, who are looking for serious presentations of the news in order to form our own opinions and make our own comments.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, television remains the opiate of the masses, and continues weilding it's psychic powers over most of the population. Sooner or later, people will wake up and see just how well they were being duped.

I hope it is before I die. I'd love to see it. I'd love to see it made right and that we all are treated with the respect we should have as people of intelligence.