Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert dies

Veteran newsman, chief of NBC's Washington Bureau, and host of NBC-TV's "Meet the Press" collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack in the news bureau as he was preparing for the next edition of "Meet the Press."

Tim Russert was one of very, very few remaining broadcast journalists/analysts who have maintained neutrality and objectiveness in the world of politics. He was the perfect choice to host a show like "Meet the Press."

For NBC, this has got to be a colossal loss, because the network doesn't have a single person in its upper broadcast journalism that has such a neutral and unbiased view in the dirty world of politics. There are plenty of big names, but none that match his level of professionalism and dedication, and analytical knack.

That is why Russert will be sorely missed, in addition to his love for journalism, love for his family, for others, and a strong faith in his church.

I join everyone else that mourns the loss of such a news veteran. Rest in peace, Tim Russert.