Sunday, October 26, 2008

So you've heard the truth?

I thought I'd be thankful that the election is now only a few days away. Because I have had my fill of the bull that our news media has immersed us in for so long, incessantly, and it would come to an end.

Has it been the truth? Ahh, yes, it has. Has it been the "whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you?" No. It's been shredded little tidbits and twisted strands and it hasn't been "so help me God," it's been "so help me ratings."

We have been bombarded by the media -- especially the television media -- with mediocre pieces, the fringe aspects of campaigns and candidates, and little focus on the core information that we, as voters, should be learning and digesting in order to make some kind of intelligent decision.

The campaign people haven't sewn all these little seeds of crap. The media itself has created some, chewed them and spit them out and failed to let go and get on with the issues.

It's been a game of horse racing. Who is winning today? Will they continue to win? How can the underdog run by the front runner? Wow, what a day. Next race is tomorrow. And then the next, and the next.

The so-called j0urnalists who are more like pretty-people actors would rather make sure their hair is perfect and their make-up is just right than to check the accuracy or fairness of what they are about to talk about and where it ranks in importance as it relates to upcoming events in the world.

Even the delivery of the news has been altered. No one reports it anymore without adding color or commentary to it. Stuff that used to be reserved to a newspaper's editorial opinion page or in a flippant "news" magazine. Everybody in the media thinks they are the gift, the ultimate, the top of the people of forecasting the future. In fact, none of them amount to a hill of beans.

They are talking heads, paid to deliver flip and flamboyance better than their competitor. It's not the truth they're after. It's ratings. The elections has only been a vehicle for them to play the ratings race. That's their ultimate race. Who cares how Barack Obama, or John McCain, or anyone else makes out? That's today's ratings and tomorrow's trash.

What headlines the electronic media? Let's see. How did the candidate feel about the other person saying something crude about them. Is the candiddate going to repent of some misdeed he/she did years ago? Oh my, how much money was spent to get a candidate some clothes.

Boy, these are hot issues of the day, aren't they. Who cares about Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, oil prices, the collapse of the economy as top issue of the day, huh? Who cares we are losing jobs, homes, and maybe just steps away from being in a bread line?

Not one part of the television/cable media is objective or focused on the real issues that affect you and me. We all knew Fox News was biased from the start. We eventually learned how "liberal" MSNBC became. The saddest part is how CNN, which at one time could have had the crown of being neutral and objective, has run into the muck. And when did Headline News become talking head shows instead of headline news?

Thank goodness the elections are just days away now. The stupid, idiotic babble will stop.

Stop? Oh no, it can't stop. The media business has to go on. That's the bad news. After the elections, expect to be endlessly deluged with meaningless, hypocritical babble about why the election turned out the way it did, and what would have happened if the opposition had tried a different tactic -- okay, to keep the babble going longer, what would have happened if the opposition had tried dozens of different tactics?

Hidden in all this is they they think (giving them the benefit of the doubt) they need to offer colorful commentary and opinion to the information they disseminate so you and I can understand it and how we should respond to it. Oh what the hell, they want to feed you the reaction they think you should have. And then, of course, that generates a new news story for them ... how the people are reacting.

I'll bet you a week's pay they can't stop and drop it and move on with the pressing issues of the day and tell us, without bias or colorful commentary, what our government and its officials are doing to solve or worsen the problems. They just can't let go. There in full mob stampede mode. Where one network goes, all will follow.

You, see, they just HAVE to get those ratings. It means money. Which is greed, Isn't greed what got us where we are today?