Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cain and the Media

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain slammed it back to the news media about its coverage on his alleged sexual harassment events from years ago. After a special debate between him and Newt Gingerich on Saturday, Nov. 5, he said he's said all he's going to say about the so-called events.

He did say, during the debate, the one thing he didn't expect was the nit-picking and slanting by the news media in general.

Amen to that. Not just for Cain, but for many others. The news media has got a mob mentality. If one goes after something "juicy," they all go after it and, as a result, they actually commit so much resource to it that they deny covering issues that really are important to all Americans. The media cannot keep its eye on the ball.

The media is being used and they never seem to know it. Even on Sunday, Nov. 6's edition of NBC-TV's "Meet The Press," the chairman of the Republican party repeatedly says Mitt Romney is the only one in the field that is worthy to be president and, if he trips and falls in the polls, it is a toss-up among the others who really don't qualify. What?????

The media -- in particular the national news media -- had better get its act together. We, the ordinary people, are beginning to see through the tears in the fabric of true journalism caused by people who should be the leaders of the journalistic movement but instead of become infatuated with themselves and how they look on the boob tube.

I don't care about what's in a politician's personal closet. Everyone of them has skeletons in their closet. If investigated close enough, I'm sure there are skeletons in Mitt Romney's closet. For God's sake, news media, I want to know how these hopefuls want to deal with the dire situations facing us. Only if a skeleton in someone's closet is large enough to affect true decisions in the business of running the government out of its muck do I want to know.

Let the damned little things in a closet up to the tabloids. Get on with the true problems at hand instead of letting operatives from other political hopefuls run you on the sidetrack of attempted political assassinations.