Sunday, January 15, 2012

News channels are not news channels

I long for the old days when CNN, which stood for Cable News Network, actually presented a fair balanced picture of the news going on around us. I long for the day when Headline News Network, CNN's spin-off, meant just that: It gave you a brief glimpse of the days' news in a short format, and repeated and updated the items on the go.

Today, CNN, HNN, Fox News (which, jokingly, says it is "fair and balanced" -- and that should be red flag to anyone who has any smarts that if someone has to remind you they are fair and balanced, they probably are not) and MSNBC are far worse than the print media.

Today, as an example, on a morning CNN news show, a panel was discussing if the news media played up the New Hampshire Primary race far more important and exciting than it was in the minds of New Hampshire citizens. They toss the blame around as if they aren't part of the news "media." They are part of the news media. They so full of themselves they stick darts in their own butts and think that is news.

Another example, on the same show, the host gives a promo statement to viewers before a commercial break: "And we'll be back with which primary candidate struck an unfair blow at the New York Times."

How blatantly slanted can one be? If you are a true journalist, committed to the reporting of the events around the world that affect our lives, you actually REPORT it, not COMMENT on it. The simple word "unfair" in his statement tells you this person's qualifications and intentions. All that had to be said was "...with the candidate that struck a blow at the New York Times." After you present the facts, you let the viewers or readers make up their mind if it was unfair or not.

The most disservice to the founding principles of journalism has been the cable media, ever since one person dedicated to the truth, Ted Turner, relinquished his ownership of CNN and HNN.

That being said, it is also unfortunate that the average citizen in this country has been deluged with so many facts and opinions that the only thing to gain their attention is a good headline-making match or operation. So, to cater to the average viewer and continue to hold them, the cable media has to continue upping the ante of controversialism.

And they can do it with some legitimate excuse: The politics of the elections and our governments in general NEED to get attention, because without it this country and its economy are going to collapse.

Just like many of us believe General Motors and Chrysler and the big banks that all got bailouts, no matter temporary or not so they would not fail, should NOT have gotten bailouts, so must the corrupt political structure of this country and its artificially-created economy be allowed to collapse. Good, decent, responsible companies would have formed and risen up to take their place,and so would a government more responsible to its people rise up.

We are on the road to destruction and we're near the end. The clueless, so-called "news media" is just helping the train gain speed.

And, by the way, this is an OPINION, a COMMENTARY, and I didn't post it in the NEWS section. There is a difference that the cable news networks are so corrupt to see.