Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's news and what's entertainment?

Both of the national political conventions are now over, and I have just one statement to make:

"Thank God for C-Span."

I had a television channel to go to where I could sit as a witness and watch the proceedings of the conventions without interruption.

Actually, I was watching from two sources at the same time ... for the purpose of comparison. With cable and commercial on-air networks, not only were you subjected to only brief blocks of programming, but also the constant chatter of people who call themselves journalists and "experts" and bureau chiefs and God-only-knows what else.

On the regular channels, the chatter included how people were dressed, what their demeanor was, and what they should say when the speak to make sure "people" (I am assuming they mean me and all other viewers who they apparently regard as "dumb") got a full picture of events. What did the people do earlier, what off-the-cuff comments they may have made, and how appropriate was it for them to be there. Good grief, everything but the kitchen sink got thrown in. 

And, by all means, let's not rule out the opinions of these so-called professionals.  Did you notice you only heard uninterrupted speeches by those they determined to be important?  To hell with us, the viewers, to determine what we think is important.

And also, after a speech by a participant whom the"media gods" deemed as important to be heard, we hear a re-hashed, deeply edited, abbreviated version of what the participant just said, and of course the "journalist's" opinion as to whether or not it was of importance to us ... the dumb viewers.

I want facts.  When I hear a speech, I want to digest it for what it is, not have someone attempt to twist and interpret it and to spin it to their point of view. True journalists present facts, and their audience, whether TV, radio or print, have the God-given right to take those facts and apply it to their lives and form their own opinions about it.

It's obvious today's media "anchors" and "reporters" and "experts" are pompous, condescending, and feel we will flounder if they don't deliver their opinions. They are as delusional as the members of Congress have become. The only difference between the two groups is that the media news people really feel they have good intentions. Congress is just plain corrupt.

As I said, "Thank God for C-Span."