Monday, November 5, 2012

Wish TV would police itself

Here it is, the day before the general presidential elections, Nov. 5, 2012. As it has been days before, and now even worse today, there are commercials after commercials running to promote the ideas of the GOP and Democratic candidates and, even more so, to destroy the opposite side's character.

These are the same commercials, running constantly, enough to irritate and actually drive viewers like me away from the television set.

The sad part is, all of these commercials pushing their venomous messages are paid for by money of only a few individuals, making me think they are trying to buy the election. But that's a subject for the editorial blog.

Here's the message for Media Muddle blog....

C'mon, National Association of Broadcasters, why don't your members get together and set some standards to protect your viewers from a constant barrage of these messages that bring us to the corssover from free speech to harassment?  Why don't you regulate it, and permit only a specific number of transmissions of such a message per a specified time period, before they can be transmitted again?

I am watching WGAL, Channel 8 in Lancaster, PA., to base this complaint, but I am sure all the other stations are participating.  I realize your stations are making a lot of money by accepting these spots, but don't forget you may be driving some viewers away.

While everyone else in politics is participating in such ludicrous behavior that I can only describe as child-like, why can't the NAB members "man-up" and act like responsible adults and actually be responsible to your viewers????

Just because the politicians and Super PACs play in the mud doesn't mean you have to. Be responsible for a change.