Sunday, February 9, 2014

NBC continues its terrible events coverage

Well, NBC television didn't fail to keep its bad reputation again Friday night with its telecast of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics from Russia.

Just as they had two years ago in Great Britain, and as they did as I distinctly remember about the Princess Diana funeral coverage (distinctly in my mind because of how bad it was and I saw part of it on BBC in comparison).

What's the problem? The biggest factor of how they cover all special events is the constant chatter between "correspondents" and "anchors" and "experts," prohibiting the viewer like me to actually enjoy the ambiance of the event, to see it as a visitor would see it in real life attendance at the event.

There seems to be a rule somewhere in the U.S. broadcasters' books that says if is quiet from personalities it is an emergency and you must talk or viewers will desert you. 

Out of all the jibber-jabber going on, little of it contained actual factual information about procedures or specifics of the event.  It was more casual banter and jibber among themselves acting as the observer and feeding us their reactions.

Aren't we supposed to be the observer and enjoy our own feelings of reactions ... rather than be told how they feel and we should feel the same with them?  Good gosh, are we that stupid to these people?

I would love to see just one time where we can observe without the so-called "color" commentary the networks seem to think we must have. Just give us some facts and let us enjoy what is going on.

If I were a network executive, the first thing I'd do is fire Bob Costas and Matt Lauer.  Not only is some of their "color commentary" stupid in itself, but definitely not called for. To Costas, Lauer and other "personalities:" you don't have to behave like you are so superior, which you all think you are. Because you are not.

If anyone has a recording of the BBC coverage of special events and compare it to an American network's coverage of the same event, you'd plainly see the difference and you feel more a part of what's going on.  First, their announcers give you facts without commentary or feelings of their own. They let YOU feel and reach your own conclusions.  Second, they treat the event with dignity and respect like it deserves.

That's part one of my rant today.  The second part is how the network was able to weave in politics into the ceremonies and an extensive does of their diatribe for more than an hour before the ceremonies began.  For crying out loud, this is a global SPORTS event, and just treat it as such. Quit trying to show how all of it is politically motivated.

The ages of hype are reaching and end, NBC (and other networks as well).  You make a big to-do over the littlest things and sometimes ignore the most important things in order to get a biased opinion pushed on to the viewers.  One day, soon I hope, the majority of viewers are going to smarten up and realize how spoon-fed they are.

True news, TV people, is not hyped, not biased, and not presented as such.  News is facts delivered without commentary or bias and let the viewers develop their own opinions.  In what year is that going to happen? You all have been on the air since the 1940s and time is running out for accepting this kind of garbage as "news."

Even "Today" show and "Hoda and Kathy Lee" show are produced by a news division, and you think they are news?