Thursday, July 17, 2014

And the networks call this news????

Breaking news. An airliner crashed in eastern Ukraine today (July 17, 2014). NBC-TV breaks into their programming and then, for two grueling, migraine-headache-causing hours, we hear a few bits of information and a lot of speculation of what happened.

Summed up, the airliner, a Boeing 777, was most likely hit by a ground-to-air missile. Definitely a dastardly deed.

But for two hours, we hear Brian Williams go on and on and on trying to piece together little bits of information.  First problem is that NBC network all of a sudden wants to try to come across as a 24-hour news network ... you know the type, like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox that grind on and on for hours about news developments because that is all they are there for.

What NBC (and probably CBS and ABC as well although those channels weren't monitored or checked) should have done was to produce a news bulletin announcing what happpened and that more details will be provided later.

We didn't need to hear all the speculation, the jibber jabber that normally goes on in a newsroom as journalists attempt to obtain the facts and piece them together.

The final facts after 2 hours of this form of excrement could be summed up in less than five minutes of reporting by 3 p.m.:  A Malaysian Boeing 777 jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine near its border with Russia, killing 295 people. No one was taking responsibility for the shot yet, through Ukrainian insurgents and Russia have the missiles that was probably used. Most airliners have shut down their routes over Ukraine as a result of the incident.

There, that was said in 2 minutes at the most.

For crying out loud, networks.  You are primarily entertainment-focused and you have that audience. Why bore them to death (or at least drive them to migraine headaches) by hearing bits and pieces of information repeated over and over and over in different voices and phrases. Let the regular programming go on and feed the bulletins as the actual facts become available.

The age of instant gratification, instant information transfer will never speed up the gathering of the facts which is what everyone should be basing their decisions and opinions on, anyway.  Do not base your opinions on the speculation that so-called professional journalists keep muttering.

Oh, and by the way, during this period, Israel began a land invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket attacks come from Hamas.  But that wasn't as important as the airliner it appears. You'll see that on the regularly scheduled even newscast.

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