Sunday, July 6, 2014

Congratulations -- and a 'Thank You' are in order to York's television station, WPMT, also known as Fox 43 local coverage of the Independence Day celebration and fireworks at Lancaster's Long's Park.

It takes a lot to break from network programs, especially in what is called "prime time," to spend the funds for the technical and mobile equipment and to cover a local event such as this.  And thanks to the sponsor, Swartz Kitchens, which helped present the coverage

There is so little locally-produced programming these days on commercial television stations.

Compared to the slick production of July 4th in New York City, which cost thousands of dollars to present (all paid for by its major sponsor, Macy's, which comes from the money spent by consumers) Sunday night's Long's Park celebration was much more appealing and carried that hometown flavor.

One would hope that WPMT will do this again next year.

And maybe, just maybe, the station will bring us more locally prtoduced, local-flavor celebrations on other holidays.

Again, congrats to WPMT, Fox 43.

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