Friday, January 9, 2015

TV News help terrorists terrorize

What an overkill by television "news" media covering the terrorist situation in France on Jan. 9 which resulted in three terrorists killed in two locations in the country at the same moment.

For over an hour NBC, as example, went back and forth between the two location correspondents and with so-called experts in New York and Washington, covering about every conceivable angle of opinion and suppositions.

The total amount of time to state the actual facts of what happened could be summed up in about 2 minutes. The rest of the time was opinions, predictions, suppositions and fear the TV news media thinks people should have.

That is not news.  A newspaper would stick to the facts and specifically label opinions as opinions by their observers -- and set those off from the factual article.

The bottom line is that the media, especially television, is helping the terrorists spread fear and terror simply by giving them the time to produce the fears.

And it's funny that the television "journalists" themselves commented that this is what the terrorists want. What they don't say is that they have aided the terrorists by extending the time talking about it. But the journalists won't take the responsibility of promoting the fear. What a joke for news.

The way people are getting their new today is really, really sad. Because people are being lured to view/hear news sources by the promotion of blood, guts, emotions and fears, instead of just plain hard facts and let the viewer reach their own conclusions and decisions.