Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NBC News takes a severe blow

The problem with NBC News' "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams being caught up in misleading statements about some of his war stories has and will continue to cost the unit dearly.

NBC News was having problems to being with its image anyway. Identifying the "Today" show as part of the news organization has tainted the unit as being a hard news delivery system.  Watching Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford drinking booze and walking gossip is not news at all. The earlier gossip section of "Today," the third hour of the four-hour presentation, doesn't do any better.  Matt Lauer would be a detriment in filling the 'Nightly News" anchor chair ... he just doesn't convey an authoritative or commanding appearance.

Chuck Todd comes across as an arrogant young kid who thinks he knows everything when he is based more in statistical analysis.

Lester Holt is the only logical choice in NBC's arsenal if they need to replace Williams permanently.

Williams has been handed a six-month suspension without pay for the statements he made.

NBC has a right to be extremely concerned. Even if Williams returns to the anchor chair after the suspension his credibility and the trust viewers had in him will be gone.  You only need one act to break that trust and it is gone forever. Even if he is to be able to fix some of it, he will always and forever be referred to as the journalist who "expanded" his real role of gathering the news in the war zones.

 NBC News has, over the past few years, diluted its own strength in commanding a large audience by many reasons, some of which I stated here. Brian William just brought it to a head.

The news division had spent much of its energy to assembling a bunch of pretty faces and happy meal content, neglecting the emphasis to present news that affects people from anchors and journalists who have a strong backbone and experience that demands respect.