Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Gyrocopter is the story? Really?

Here is a real good example of just how shallow our news media organizations are, from "top" network news right down to the local stations and newspapers.

Douglas Hughes was the pilot of a gyrocopter who flew the aircraft from Gettysburg Regional Airport onto the U.S. Capitol's west lawn yesterday (4/15/15) and has been charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and violating restricted airspace. 

Now, we have seen dozens of stories about Hughes and his adventure -- which he publicly claimed he would do --and how he came in undetected in what is some of the most restricted airspace in the country.

Let's get real, folks. The government is never going to be able to put so tight a security seal on some of our agencies that nothing would penetrate. These breaches will happen.

But, alas, our news reporters are going to continue on an intense zeal to press for answers to how to stop such a low flight, and what if that..., and what if this..., and more what-ifs, keeping our security personnel on a constant run to come up with answers to what really is a ridiculous dog-chase-tail scenario.

In the meantime, after one mention in the original stories, these so-called searchers for truth have already left go of what the pilot's original intention was: to bring one letter for each federal legislator to ask for campaign finance reform to make our election process fair to all before it's too late to stop the current multi-million, non-accountable efforts that are legal today.

Therein lies the most important kernel of the whole incident. Most important because what Hughes was trying to present to all of us that our right to a free and fair election of our representative is seriously compromised.  

So, what is more important to you: The fact that a man successfully broke through a secure area and we need to fix it, or that your only representative to make laws you must obey was paid for by big-money contributors to push their own agendas and ignores your needs?

It would be some nice to see some reporters wake up and take hold of the issue and begin exposing it, peeling it back layer by layer to expose what the "campaign finance reform" is really about and the need to fix it fast.

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