Monday, February 1, 2016

What's Fox News Channel up to?

I watched Fox News Channel's "MediaBuzz" program Sunday morning, a program that "analyzes"  how various media outlets treated certain subjects for the past week.

It is a one-hour program.

What I found intriguing is that the participants and moderator in the show spent 40 minutes on their own presentation and coverage of the recent FNC-Google-GOP debate which was boycotted by the top candidate, Donald J. Trump.

It was thought that Trump boycotted because of his issues of how he was being treated by FNC anchor Megan Kelly. But what finally clinched his decision to boycott is when the publicity department of Fox News issued a childish -- supposed-to-be-funny --news release taunting Trump, including stating that if elected Trump would appoint his Twitter followers as members of the cabinet.

That release alone was enough to but Fox News as part of the news instead of being a "fair" reporter of the news, a critical component of the ethics of any true news gathering organization.

 On Sunday's program, during the 40-minute bit on Fox and the Trump boycott, I watched as the panel and moderator turned into a "spin room" explaining why this, and why they did that, and pity-party for Megan Kelly (who they all agreed --and I agree -- took the high road and could shake off the treatment the public was giving her, being she was a lawyer).

The spin was being spun so deep that if brought a new question to mind: Why is Fix trying to plead a case here?  The obvious answer is, like any other spin project, is to deflect from something more deep.

Could it be Fix wanted Trump to boycott, maybe to bring a higher rating because people want to see the result of such a skewed debate -- which, incidentally, brings higher financial benefit to Fox in terms of ad dollars?

Surely there was a reason for issuing such an asinine, childish bullying news release from what is supposed to be an ethical, "fair and balanced," news organization?

Kudos to Trump for boycotting.  I think he's the winner of this event, even though Fox's ratings were up for the debate, their image of responsibility certainly was not.