Friday, August 19, 2016

What about media monopoly?

It was interesting to a super-large corporation, which usually keeps a low profile about all of its holdings, boldly advertising during the Olympic games about its Olympian size.

I am talking about Comcast.  They own NBC. They own Universal. They own Xfinity. In addition to its primary public broadcast network, NBC owns a bunch of cable networks,  All of them were pooled to carry as much Olympic games as possible.  Even MSNBC news channel (I use the term "news" loosely here) was forced from its normal news/political coverage to provide Olympic Games coverage.

The fact that there are so many diversified channels under one umbrella gives you and me the illusion that we are getting diversified news, opinions and entertainment.  That is not the case.

All of the outlets filter into and through NBC and right on up to the governing officers of Comcast. Whichever way the top brass of Comcast want to lean politically, I'll bet the underling channels are saying "yessir."

So, to me, the Comcast commercial which shows fast-moving clips of many of its channels, movies, sports and ending telling you it is all Comcast, is a blatant boast of their power and control over you and me. And I, for one, don't like it one bit.

And you don't think it's a monopoly?  

Comcast has a grip on what you see, how you see it, and when you're going to see it, and attempt to force your thinking to their point of view.

These media giants should be broken apart back into the original individual companies they used to be and let them compete on a fair footing.


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