Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WGAL-TV getting kinda greedy-er

Well, well, well. After a year of raking in money from excessive and incessant political commercials leading up to the recent intensive election cycle, WGAL-TV looks to make even more from those of use subscribing to DirecTV.

Let's get down to the brass tacks.  WGAL-TV wants more money from DirecTV to allow DirecTV to carry its broadcasts on the cable network.

What makes this so gross is that it is the same programming it is dishing out to you and me for free over the regular airwaves.

Tell me that makes sense.

This is the same station that has recently increased its news program times directly to drive out competing television stations.  It has nothing to do with your time available to get the news.

It used to be you'd see and hear the same stories repeated again and again for at least 24-hours.  Now, in its "expanded" coverage hours, they chop it up, giving bits and pieces of the stories from one hour to the next, forcing you to continue watching the extended time to get the full story. (By "full" story, I mean what they know, which is usually spoon-fed to them by the various public. official, and public-interest agencies.)

 It is also worth mentioning that, since expanding its coverage time, it has put its staff under increased pressure of time.  Now, hardly a day goes by that you will not witness mis-cues, technical problems with remote video or remote audio, wrong graphics for stories being talked about.  It's like the station has been running with student staff just trying to learn the business.

There was a time that high technical standards and perfection was demanded and produced by the staff of WGAL-TV.  That's gone.

In the renewal process with the Federal Communications Commission for WGAL to retain its license for broadcasting on Channel 8 in this area, one could be tempted to file objections based on its technical faux pas and boring repetition showing lack of interest in the public it serves.