Saturday, June 24, 2017

How to neutralize your opposition

Megyn Kelly, last year, was the bright, bright star of Fox News Channel and a spokesperson for conservative views. Aside from Bill O'Reilly, she was most likely the top rated journalist/commentator for the network.

In a bold move, NBC lured her away from Fox with a lucrative contract and, in its effort, dimmed her conservative views and saddled her with human interest stories, personality interviews and puff pieces.

NBC was successful in extinquishing this light of political sanity.

There has been no one, so far, to fill Kelly's shoes with her former ability to fairly point out anyone with hidden agendas.

In one high-price move, the NBC network, with its no-longer-hidden liberaL bias, successfully neutralized one of the better opponents of its views.

Got to give the liberal media a point for that maneuver.