Monday, September 25, 2017

NBC News adds to Puerto Rico misery

Crews for "NBC Nightly News" packed up their equipment...lights, cameras, production equipment, power source equipment...and staff and flew to Puerto Rico for Monday evening's broadcast ... on a military cargo plane meant to deliver much-needed supplies to the Puerto Ricans.

The purpose? Showboating, really. To make it look like its anchor, Lester Holt, knows everything, feels everything and can go anywhere in the world.  Not for the story.  They have so-called journalists in the country already with their own, but smaller and more mobile, crews.

So it places an added burden on Puerto Rico to host and help these slickers, who did not need to be there anyway, just what the local authorities needed, right?

I am not sure what they think they are proving to their viewers. I, as a viewer now and then,  wonder why the hell they were there when they could have anchored in New York and fed in the video and information from their so-called journalists in the field. Hell, Holt was back-and-forth to New York throughout the program anyway.

It all looks like a fake Hollywood glamour call and some of the real information that did manage to get through the airwaves is probably lost as the viewer figures out why Holt is there just standing amidst rubble and rubbish that is repeated in the scenes from their mobile so-called journalists.

What a waste of time and money, And I hope the cost of shipping their equipment and staff for a brief stand on the "scene" isn't being paid by you and me, the taxpayers, since they were on a military, not corporate, plane.