Thursday, March 29, 2018

Network news picks and chooses

March  28, 2018 -- NBC Nightly News, take note: One day you featured a New York City firefighter who was killed fighting a fire and few days later the funeral procession, while in the very same basic time period, TWO York, PA firefighters were killed in a firefighting event, and you didn't mention it then and later didn't mention the public service for them today which firefighters from California to Canada and many other states attended. Why is one firefighter in NYC more special than others elsewhere? Perhaps NYC was easy to cover and you are too lazy to find the news elsewhere, or are you spoon-fed issues to report??? You pick and choose, which causes a slanted, biased presentation of the news.

The local TV affiliate, WGAL, did present extended coverage of their news broadcast in honor of the fallen firefighters.  But the affiliate did fall short by not committing broadcast time for the actual service eith on the primary broadcast channel 8.1, or their side channel, 8.2. Instead, they streamed it on the Internet. Not everyone in the subsidiary's coverage area is network or Internet savvy.