Friday, April 17, 2020

Skew by omission

I don't think it's just me. If so, call me crazy.
     But did you notice the constant rising of new cases. The TV "reporters" keep adding up the figures to determine the total number of cases in the state, and by county.
    They do that with the death toll too. True, the number will never dwindle. It'll keep going higher. But it's the only figure the news media is giving you that is completely accurate.
    Have any of the media told you the number of discharges or people who were treated successfully that taking place each day? I haven't seen any numbers.
     As the number of new cases keeps bumping the total higher, when have you seen the actual number of cases currently being treated in hospitals???
    Those numbers, of course, would be lower and not as scarier as the total cases reported.
    Always take the scary ones, the emotional ones, the ones that will grab the headlines and bump the ratings. To hell with the rest.
    To hell with the actual truth. That'd be boring.
    And once again I ask you: Where has actual journalism gone to?

Monday, April 13, 2020

Snubbing the president

WGAL-TV, Channel 8, is happy and anxious to tell you, to remind you, and to remind you again, that it is the source of trusted news in the Susquehanna Valley.
    Through incessant self-indulgent commercials, the station pounds away at its viewers with claims of awards, the "best" coverage, a staff of "investigative" reporters, etc., etc., etc., and so one, and more.
    This station has expanded its "coverage" of the news from what used to be the usual 1/2-hour of local origin, five times as much ... 2-1/2 hours consistent starting at 4 p.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m.
    BUT, it's not 2-1/2 hours of different stories. Instead it's programmed as the News at 4, the News at 4:30, the News at 5, the News at 5:30, and the News at 6, with stories repeated through each newscast.  To spice it up a little, not all the facts of a story are presented at once, and then the viewer is teased that they'll get a little bit more information at the next newscast, to keep you viewing without a break.
    To rub a little for salt into the wound, the stories are presented as "breaking news," when it is no more than a brief update of an ongoing story. The pandemic story, as an example, broke over 1-1/2 months ago. There's nothing "breaking" about it in general.
    I present that picture of the station's activity because of what has started happening now. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the White House has been holding coronavirus update conferences each day. We all know that Donald Trump is not a seasoned politician and he presents things in a different way.
     So the station now goes to the White House for the start of the news conference and, if Trump begins to "drift" a little from the main subject, the station cuts away, telling you that it switched the news conference coverage to one of its subchannels so it can focus on the important breaking news in the station's coverage area and forgo the viewers getting bored.
     What follows is repeats of the same stories it's been re-hashing for days. The only thing "breaking" are the new numbers of new cases and the number of deaths. It thinks it is a big deal, like giving ball scores from sports events. And the viewers are getting bored anyway.
     There is noone that hasn't heard about media bias toward the current president of the United States. And here is channel 8, feeding that argument for what? If they were cutting off a new conference because they only had a half-hour slot, or a one-hour slot for local news, that could be understandable.
     But its anchors and reporters are whining away for 2-1/2 hours straight with stories that actually could have been compressed into a time slot of less than an hour.
     I, personally a middle-of-the-road slightly conservative person, am taking offense at this activity.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Hypocrisy of the media

Aaaah, the hypocrisy of the news media.
    Anyone watching the morning "news" shows on network television caught a good glimpse of how politically skewed they are.
    They took President Donald Trump to task for saying he probably won't wear a mask when greeting foreign dignitaries, because he doesn't think it's appropriate.
    Yet, there the correspondents are, in Washington and New York and elsewhere, not wearing masks either when producing their reports on air. At least one reporter had her mask under her chin.
    I would guess that they feel it inappropriate to allow us to see them behind masks for their reports.
    Kind of the same thing, don't you think?
    Once again, the media shows its true colors of politics.
    Whatever happened with actual reporting? Comments and opinions are NOT reporting the news.