Friday, April 17, 2020

Skew by omission

I don't think it's just me. If so, call me crazy.
     But did you notice the constant rising of new cases. The TV "reporters" keep adding up the figures to determine the total number of cases in the state, and by county.
    They do that with the death toll too. True, the number will never dwindle. It'll keep going higher. But it's the only figure the news media is giving you that is completely accurate.
    Have any of the media told you the number of discharges or people who were treated successfully that taking place each day? I haven't seen any numbers.
     As the number of new cases keeps bumping the total higher, when have you seen the actual number of cases currently being treated in hospitals???
    Those numbers, of course, would be lower and not as scarier as the total cases reported.
    Always take the scary ones, the emotional ones, the ones that will grab the headlines and bump the ratings. To hell with the rest.
    To hell with the actual truth. That'd be boring.
    And once again I ask you: Where has actual journalism gone to?

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